Diane Townsend Artists’ Pastels  are hand made soft pastels for artists. I began making them in 1971 with a 15th century Italian formula translated by a conservationist I shared a studio with. I have  spent the last 45 years refining the formula to create a smooth, flowing pastel that is as rich in pigment as possible. Artists can choose from 5 kinds of pastels. The Soft Form pastels are designed to fit my hand and with easel painting in mind. They are easy to apply, pick up and put down as you work. Later I designed the Terrages pastel for a more vigorous approach to drawing. These pastels are larger, more square and have pumice in them to grip the paper. I worked on this pastel with Wolf Kahn to achieve a consistancy that he wanted. The idea was to break the surface of the paper and grind the pastel with pumice stone into it to support and disperse the colors. Terraces pastels are good for larger works on an easel or wall.  The Thin Line pastel is  a much thinner pastel with pumice for a more linear drawing in a limited palate. It is good for travel and landscape.

We have some new products available now!

Figment, a thinner,” modern” pastel that has very little dust and adheres to the paper dry or on a wet surface. There is no dust at all when applied to a lightly misted surface and it dries with very little pastel that can be rubbed off. Figment is designed for greater permanence and can make an excellent line or tone. It is great for layering especially if the Dry Ground is applied to the paper first. Figment can be handled like any work on paper and single matted under glass or plexiglass. It resists static pull!

We have a new Dry Ground made of pumice that is lightly colored for application directly on a paper to support layers of pastel. Good for travel and working in tablets of paper.



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